162. Telegram 126 to San Salvador, 106 to Managua, 159 to San Jose, October 171

[Facsimile Page 1]

As you are aware from exchanges of messages past few days, Hondurans in and around the Lopez regime have begun to talk about ways to get back to constitutionality, and are sending feelers in our direction on how to normalize relations. These appear to be signs of genuine concern among leaders in Honduras resulting from stance which we and most of neighboring countries have taken.

We believe that if the pressure is maintained, there is reasonable chance that the Hondurans will work themselves up to devising a solution soon. They themselves must figure out how Honduras can get back to constitutionality. Others cannot do this for them, but we and the Isthmian neighbors which have not recognized Lopez can and should continue to hold off in order to keep the pressure on the Hondurans to do so.

[Facsimile Page 2]

You should inform GOVT of foregoing and strongly urge it not to recognize GOH in present circumstances.

You may at your discretion tell GOVT in general way about Honduran group in Washington and about growing talk in Tegucigalpa of a coalition arrangement.

MANAGUA: We continue gratified by Schick’s attitude and trust he will stand firm.

SAN SALVADOR: Inform Rivera we think that in this developing situation his suggestion to Lopez through his Ambassador in Tegucigalpa on desirability of early return to constitutionality would be particularly timely now, and that details are for Hondurans to work out.

SAN JOSE: Inform Orlich confidentially repeat confidentially we believe the various Honduran initiatives now under way toward devising a solution should be allowed to proceed further before we consider sending in 5-nation committee.

  1. Return to civilian constitutional government in Honduras. Confidential. 2 pp. DOS, CF, POL 15 HOND.