214. Telegram 347 from Moscow, July 261

RE Our 333. [Facsimile Page 1] At 4:30 pm opening July 25 plenary session Harriman said understood everything agreed to except letter Gromyko had given him in reply to that he had given Gromyko. Gromyko’s reply made situation worse. Hoped could have private talk with other two principals so as to arrive at some understanding on this subject. Asked if plenary might be adjourned for this purpose. Gromyko agreed.

Upon resumption plenary after private meeting reported our 333 Harriman said he would like to consult Washington by telephone. Gromyko agreed.

Upon returning from telephone conversation with Washington Harriman stated he had just received clearance to agree to oral understanding reached with Gromyko in private meeting re application para 2 Article III and therefore US prepared proceed initial and subsequently sign and ratify in accordance with our constitutional provisions. Wished thank Gromyko for clarity with which he had expressed Sov position.

Gromyko stated he wanted thank Harriman for his efforts and understanding Sov position.

[Facsimile Page 2]

Harriman said he had told Washington that initialing would proceed with texts of treaty and final communiqué to be distributed, embargoed for release 10:00 PM, Moscow time.

Gromyko said he agreed with these arrangements with comment that this was a type of embargo he did not oppose.

Ambassador Trevelyan speaking on behalf Hailsham said texts should be given out at 8 PM.

Harriman said he felt texts should be given out immediately as communications to US were so slow.

Gromyko said he also wished thank Hailsham for his understanding.

[Typeset Page 617]

Hailsham responded he in turn wished thank Gromyko and say he was glad to have been able to participate in this very important conference.

At 7:15 PM formal texts of the treaty were distributed.

Then, after removal from conference table of mineral water bottles doors were opened and hordes of photographers swept in.

In response reporters’ question, Harriman said felt treaty very important step forward. Gromyko said hoped would be basis for further steps. Hailsham said many good things could follow.

In reply persistent questioning as to why meeting had lasted so long, Gromyko said it was end result that important.

At this point meeting broke up.

  1. Successful conclusion to negotiations realized. Secret. 2 pp. Department of State, Central Files, DEF 18–3 USSR (MO).