216. Circular Telegram From the Department of State to All Diplomatic Missions0

501. To Chiefs of Mission. You should take appropriate occasion to discuss with leaders Government to which you accredited significance of Secretary’s talks with President Chiang Kai-shek in following terms: Point out that Communiqué issued at conclusion of meetings between [Page 452] President Chiang and Secretary Dulles at Taipei October 23 (transmitted by wireless file), contains important declaration by Republic of China that discharge of its mission of freedom to peoples on mainland is to be carried through primarily by keeping active in minds and hearts of Chinese people principles of freedom as expressed by Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s

“Three People’s Principles” and not by use of force. This declaration is indicative of important evolution in thinking of GRC away from expectation of early return to mainland through violent means toward reliance on longer term prospect of reunification of country in freedom after collapse of Communist tyranny. As authentic custodian and defender of cultural and spiritual values long identified with China, GRC accepts mission of bringing about freedom to Chinese on mainland by conduct and example rather than by military conquest.

Posture adopted by GRC puts Republic of China in same category as other countries divided by Communism. Thus in divided Korea, Republic of Korea accepts armistice which denies it use of force to reunite Korea. GVN also accepts armistice which prevents use of force to reunite Viet-Nam. In Germany Adenauer has renounced use of force to bring about reunification. This declaration of GRC is comparable.

If similar policy were to be adopted by Chinese Communists there would be same kind of de facto stabilization in Taiwan Straits area which exists in other divided countries. But Chinese Communists deliberately resumed firing at Quemoy to make Secretary’s mission to Taiwan more difficult, even boasting “The United States has met with defeat in her original plot to use the Chinese temporary suspension of shelling Quemoy to promote a permanent cease-fire.” Chinese Communists clearly wish keep civil war alive in their effort get Taiwan. Continued provocative shelling by Chinese Communists whenever they please could ultimately break admirable restraint of GRC and destroy our hopes of working out with it reasonable program for tranquilizing Taiwan situation. Unfortunately, this appears to be precisely Chinese Communist objective. Thus it is of utmost importance to bring all possible pressure to bear on Peiping regime to stop its military activities.

Foregoing sent information only to Moscow, Belgrade, Warsaw, Budapest, Bucharest, and Prague.1

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 793.00/10–2558. Secret; Priority. Drafted by Martin, cleared by Dulles, and approved by Robertson.
  2. Telegram 709 to Moscow, October 31, sent also to Belgrade, Bucharest, Prague, and Warsaw, instructed the Chiefs of Mission at those Embassies to take action at their discretion along the lines requested in this telegram but with some changes in the text. (Ibid., 793.5/10–3158; see Supplement)