167. Telegram From the Commander in Chief, Pacific (Stump) to the Chief of Naval Operations (Burke)1

3726. Ref: A. CINCPAC 140115Z.2 B. USARMA Vientiane 242347Z pasep.3 C. CINCPAC 182103Z.4 D. OSD 252227Z cite DEF 937566.5

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CINCPAC assumes 500,000 dollar special fund has been made available to Chief of Mission, Laos for implementing crash program as outlined para 2 ref B. CINCPAC agrees with country team program and strongly recommends immediate action be taken to provide necessary backing to insure its success.
I concur in country team proposals contained in para 4 ref B and strongly recommend that they be approved on DOD level. I am prepared to initiate immediate action to assist CHPEO within my authority and resources. I am prepared, if authorization and necessary funding is arranged, to provide additional assistance as required. I recommend that the following action be undertaken immediately:
Qualified planner be provided CHPEO from my staff for pre-election period on temporary duty.
Individual qualified in psychological aspects of political campaigning against Communists be made available to CHPEO during pre-election period. Col Lansdale, USAF assigned DOD meets these qualifications. Recommend that he or individual of similar qualifications be assigned temporary duty Laos since no suitable individual available to PACOM.
[less than 1 line of source text not declassified] Request DOD action to effect agreement.
Ref C be amended to authorize immediate strength of 16,000 auto defense personnel with sum of $687,189 added to overseas internal security program for this contingency.
CINCPAC authorized emergency issue of blankets, sweaters, rice and salt from ANL stocks to auto defense personnel provided funds requested para 2D above approved so that replacement in kind can be effected.
Request emergency action to implement supply POL to Laos in consonance with ref D.
CINCPAC authorize CHPEO to utilize stand by contract with CAT for additional airlift as requested. Request authorization for additional $25,000 to cover this requirement.
Helos be made available to the RLG for use in pre-election campaigning. Six small helos should be provided from: (1) commercial sources, preferable, or (2) [less than 1 line of source text not declassified] military aircraft and will require urgent implementation to be of value, in view of time factor. CINCPAC considers the most feasible method to be through contract with CAT, authorized to subcontract as required, within monetary limitation as set by DOD for this purpose. CINCPAC is prepared to initiate action along this line as soon as authorized and to arrange airlift of helos and personnel as required.
On receipt of detailed requirement for engineering equipment and radios, CINCPAC will review PEO’s requests and take such action as deemed appropriate in consideration of intended use of the item, stock available from PACOM sources and time required to supply in relation to impact on short range projects.
Non-payment of ANL troops for past month is cause for great concern. This force clearly constitutes primary element of anti-Communist power in Laos and must therefore be supported fully if it is to remain effective in critical days ahead. While need to institute monetary reform is appreciated as essential to economic progress, consider winning of election most vital current issue and immediate payment of ANL troops essential factor to this end. Understand from OSD 212230Z6 that status of payment to ANL has been clarified.
It is recommended that immediate action be taken to:
Authorize CINCPAC to assist in Laos as requested herein.
Direct the military departments to expedite material and personnel support as may be requested by CINCPAC.7
CINCPAC component commands will be requested to assist as required.
For CHPEO Laos keep CHMAAGs Vietnam and Thailand informed essentials this project on need to know basis as required for necessary support.
  1. Source: National Archives and Records Administration, RG 218, JCS Records, CCS 092 Asia (6-25-48) (2). Top Secret. Dispatched with 270315Z Feb 58 date/time group. Repeated to CHPEO, CINCPACFLT, CINCUSARPAC, and CINCPACAF.
  2. Printed as telegram 0011/0027, Document 164.
  3. Also sent as PEO 223-58, February 25. (National Archives and Records Administration, RG 218, JCS Records, CCS 092 (8-22-46) (2); included in the microfiche supplement)
  4. In this telegram to OASD/ISA, February 18, CINCPAC requested emergency support for increasing Laos auto-defense strength. CINCPAC noted that support of auto-defense would “materially influence” the upcoming elections in Laos. (National Archives and Records Administration, RG 218, JCS Records, CCS 092 Asia (6-28-48) (2); included in the microfiche supplement)
  5. Not found.
  6. Not found.
  7. In a memorandum to OASD/ISA, February 28, Burke recommended immediate action to implement the proposals in this telegram. (Enclosure to Note by the Secretaries to the JCS, March 6; National Archives and Records Administration, RG 218, JCS Records, CCS 092 Asia (6-25-48); included in the microfiche supplement)