301. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Jordan1

666. Embtels 596 and 597.2 You should speak with King Hussein and Rifai along following lines:

US giving most serious study to requests of King and Rifai for additional support in preserving independence and integrity Jordan. We believe past role we have played in this regard, particularly within last year, could leave no doubt in their minds of our sincerity of [Page 533] purpose, and that close relationship thus developed will continue to provide basis of mutual confidence in which we can work out problems together. We have great admiration for courage and determination of King and Rifai and are confident of their unwillingness take any action which would jeopardize achievement of objectives for which we have all worked.
It is our earnest belief that situation has been created as result special UNGA which provides greater hope for Jordan than has been the case in the recent past and lessening of tensions which may provide better climate for constructive efforts. It would be tragic indeed if opportunity which has presented itself should be lost as result precipitate action, particularly if such action were based upon misconception of motives or intentions of those nations, including US and UK, which have come to assistance of Jordan at time of peril and which are still striving to assist. As result “Arab Resolution” moreover there now exists substantial parallelism of interests in stability and well being Jordan.
As King and Rifai were recently informed, we are giving urgent consideration to joining with UK to support additional program involving establishment of new Jordanian military units. We not yet in position to give definitive reply but hope soon be prepared discuss with HKJ.

King and Rifai can be assured of our interest in economic aspects of problem and our firm intention to continue assistance in this regard. Re budget support: US has already granted $18.83 million through August current JFY and has indicated that local currency counterpart from POL sales can be utilized meet budget expenditures. Although total POL generated counterpart cannot be firmly estimated at this time, the POL program expected eventually amount to equivalent about $5 million of which perhaps $3 million will generate counterpart. Total above budget aid should substantially cover HKJ’s essential budget needs through September. As for remaining two quarters current JFY, US prepared make available budget aid up to $10 million each quarter. US would thus be providing approximately $42 million of budget support during JFY 1959. It is our understanding that UK also prepared provide some budget aid during remainder current JFY. Thus Jordan should have available sufficient foreign aid to cover its essential budget expenditures. (FYI. We recognize that our estimate Jordan’s minimum requirement budgetary assistance current JFY—i.e., $45–$50 million—is somewhat lower than the HKJ projection set forth [Page 534] Embtel 539.3 However, as we have stated in ICATO 454 and Deptel 645,5HKJ projections appear considerably overstated. End FYI.)

Re development aid: It should be recalled that most of $10 million made available from USFY 58 MSP funds will actually be spent during current JFY.

Other aid. Foregoing does not include other aid such as PL 480 and military assistance which might be provided. While we cannot at this stage cite sums for subsequent fiscal years, in view US appropriations procedures, our assistance in current and past fiscal years should we believe be reassuring not only to King and Rifai but also to Jordanian public.

US attitude toward Jordan and US policy re preservation Jordan independence has been repeatedly made known publicly and we believe there no doubt this respect. With attention now focused upon UN efforts in framework UNGA resolution sponsored by all Arab countries to bring about situation in which Jordan security better assured, we believe it would be unwise detract from these efforts particularly at moment UNSYG undertaking his important mission to area. We confident that GOJ will cooperate fully with UNSYG.
At present critical juncture we earnestly hope that King and Rifai will not lose confidence in those who have proven themselves willing to assist them, and that they will continue in their staunch and heroic efforts based upon high order of statesmanship. It is our hope and expectation that we will remain in closest touch as situation unfolds.

Request substance foregoing be passed by Embassy in confidence to Hammarskjöld either personally or through one of his trusted aides. Advise soonest if this not possible.

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