150. Memorandum of Conversation Between President Eisenhower and Secretary of State Dulles 0

I reported briefly on the Copenhagen Conference, making two particular points:
That the passion for a Summit conference seemed to have cooled down and that it was now being appraised as something to be judged on its own merits rather than as something which emotionally must be accepted;

The strong feeling of the Europeans that we should not “break the package” to the extent of disassociating nuclear from conventional armament.

The President indicated that while he thought that from the standpoint of the United States, and indeed of the world, the elimination of nuclear weapons, if it could be accomplished, would itself be a great step forward, probably we should take account of European sensibilities in this matter.

I spoke briefly of my trip to Berlin and of the stimulating atmosphere, and also of my stop in Paris and the talk with Faure about Algeria.1

[Here follows discussion of unrelated matters.]

  1. Source: Eisenhower Library, Dulles Papers, Meetings with the President. Secret; Personal and Private. Drafted by Secretary Dulles.
  2. A memorandum of conversation between Secretary Dulles and Maurice Faure, French Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, May 10, is in Department of State, Conference Files: Lot 63 D 123, CF 1016.