548. Telegram From the Embassy in Cuba to the Department of State1

124. Night of July 8 sister in law of Raul Roa informed Embassy officer that she wanted Embassy to know that she had learned from “excellent sources close to Fidel Castro” that Castro is perfectly delighted with the course of events. According to these sources the USG is reacting just the way he expected and wanted them to. The cut in sugar quota was anticipated and desired. Castro thought that initially it would be limited only to distribution of deficit. Fact that it cut deep into basic quota meant that he could charge economic aggression all the more effectively. She commented that Castro feels that our actions in the face of his provocations, for propaganda purposes in Cuba and LA, far outweigh what he does and says. She also commented that the US can anticipate further moves by Castro directed at making the US sever diplomatic relations and even intervene physically. She said she hoped that US would not be too precipitate in retaliating aginst Castro as she is convinced that that is what he is seeking.

Comment: Sister in law very much opposed Castro and together with family leaving for US. Embassy inclined believe her report accurate. Certainly, from watching Castro last night and his speech before Metallurgical Congress July 6 Embassy received impression of pleased and confident, though reckless, Castro. We have growing feeling that he does not care what happens to Cuba and that, in effect, he looks upon Cuba as sacrificial lamb which he can use to defeat and humiliate US in its efforts to isolate him, to wreck inter-American system, and to move on from there to be “liberator” all of LA.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 611.37/7–960. Confidential; Limit Distribution.