448. Telegram From the Mission at the United Nations to the Department of State1

Delga 407. Re: Outer Space.

1. Lodge met with Freitas-Valle (Brazil) and Amadeo (Argentina) this afternoon on their proposed amendments to outer space resolution. He gave them our suggestions as received by telecon.2 After conferring together, they agreed to accept our new preamble, including suppression of their amendment to operative para 1–d, but they felt very strongly about wording of their suggestion for para 1–b. In light of their agreement on our rephrasing of legal points, as well as fact UK had previously told US it regarded LA language as innocuous, [Page 869] Lodge accepted their amendment to para 1–b as shown in new draft of resolution (Delga 4083).

2. Dixon and Scrivener (UK) asked to see us before co-sponsors meeting. They agreed to suggested changes in resolution, including version of Argentine-Brazilian amendments upon which we had agreed, except for new first preambular paragraph re use of outer space for peaceful purposes only. Their instructions were to oppose this para strongly, because they feared it might be used to prevent us from using outer space for military defense. London argued it would prevent launching IRBM’s, for example. Dixon said inclusion of paragraph might prevent UK co-sponsorship. We replied that if we thought para raised problems he saw, U.S. could not support it either. It was only pious wish, but it was important to state this principle as matter of practical politics in UN debate in order to counter attack on our resolution from Soviets. Idea of new para was one fully in accord with U.S. policy, and we understood also with UK policy, since we all sought agreement to prohibit use of outer space for military purposes.

3. At meeting of co-sponsors there was general agreement on revised text, including LA amendments. France and Belgium were inclined share UK misgivings about new first preambular para, but most others supported inclusion this idea as political necessity to meet Soviet propaganda campaign effectively.

4. After co-sponsors meeting, Scrivener suggested rephrasing of “peaceful uses only” concept, in form included new penultimate preambular paragraph (Delga 408), and that we revert to original first preambular paragraph. We accepted idea of new preambular paragraph but decided we should also retain this idea in first preambular paragraph. We agreed with UKDel on version contained Delga 408.

5. We plan submit draft text as contained Delga 408 after co-sponsors meeting tomorrow morning.4

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  3. Dated November 12. (Department of State, Central Files, 320.11/11–1258.) For text of the U.S. resolution, see American Foreign Policy: Current Documents, 1958, pp. 1431–1432.
  4. The delegation transmitted a brief report on this meeting in Delga 419, November 13. (Department of State, Central Files, 320.11/11–1358)