172. Letter From the Representative at the United Nations (Lodge) to the President1

Dear Mr. President: The United Nations Political Committee (where the essential decisions take place) has just voted a so-called “procedural” resolution which refers all disarmament proposals to the Subcommittee.2

It is significant that all proposals for ceasing H-bomb tests are “buried” by being identified by date alone. This is noteworthy because of the great support in the U.N. for ceasing tests.
It contains special mention of the “open sky” plan.
The resolution passed unanimously. None of the many “pet” projects were brought to a vote.

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Knowing the popularity of stopping H-bomb tests, I would have settled for a resolution in which this was avoided. But not only did we get this: we also got special mention of “open sky” voted unanimously. This is the first Russian vote in any way friendly to “open sky”.

Our United States tactics consisted in getting Indian approval for our resolution, then getting Japan. After these had been secured I felt sure that the U.S.S.R. would come along.

The fact that Harold Stassen was able to give me prompt decisions made all the difference and I wish to pay tribute to the results he has achieved in developing a positive United States position which enables us really to take the initiative—something which was impossible under the old state of affairs. This also made it possible to get maximum results from my tactics and my connections here. He was at all times most intelligent and cooperative.

It is all a tribute to the intelligent policies you have launched and the practical system you have set up.3

I thought you might like this first-hand report. I enclose a copy of the resolution.4

With warm and respectful regard5

Faithfully yours,

Cabot L.
  1. Source: Eisenhower Library, Whitman File, Administration Series, Lodge. The President initialed the source text.
  2. Regarding this resolution, see footnote 5, Document 169. On February 14, the U.N. General Assembly adopted the proposal as Resolution 1011 (XI) by a vote of 76–0. For text, see Documents on Disarmament, 1945–1959, vol. ii, pp. 747–748, or Yearbook of the United Nations, 1956, pp. 103–104.
  3. This and the preceding paragraph were bracketed and the following words added in the President’s handwriting in the margin: “extract & send to Sec. Dulles.”
  4. Not attached to the source text.
  5. This phrase of the complimentary close was in Lodge’s handwriting.