488. Telegram From the Embassy in Canada to the Department of State1

41. Eyes only for the Secretary. Following text proposed top secret letter to Pearson referred to in Embtel 40:2

“Dear Mike: With reference to our talks on July 19 and 23 concerning the furnishing of arms to Israel, I can inform you for the personal and confidential information of the Prime Minister and yourself that the US Government is planning an announcement which would refer to the April 9 White House statement re the serious situation in the Middle East3 and go on to say that arrangements have been completed to maintain in close proximity to the Middle East area certain stockpiles of military supplies and equipment ear-marked for delivery to any nation subjected to aggression arising out of the Arab-Israeli dispute in violation of the principles of the United Nations Charter. No decision has been reached re the time of issuance of such a statement but the first part of August is being considered. Hammarskjold’s report on his present trip to the Middle East would be taken into account in this connection. Incidentally, Hammarskjold has been informed of the general lines of this proposal and has welcomed it.

If the Canadian Government could see its way to releasing to Israel 12 F86s, the US Government would be prepared immediately to approve the export from the US of certain quantities of helicopters, machine guns and scout cars. These items however would not be released simultaneously nor would there be public announcement of the transactions. However, the US would keep you informed as licenses were issued.

The Department would welcome the opportunity of discussing these matters confidentially in Washington with a representative of the Department of External Affairs. Among aspects which could be usefully discussed would be means of employing these transactions as incentives to induce Israeli’s full cooperation with the UN and the UNTSO, as well as questions of timing.

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Needless to say, it is greatly hoped that in this context the Canadian Government will decide to release at least 12 of the 24 F86s sought by Israel.”

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