611.51H/7–1254: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Delegation1

top secret

Tosec 532. Cambodian Ambassador called on Secretary July 10 stating he would depart twelfth to return Geneva. Before leaving he wished assure U.S. his government would continue maintain firm position against Communist efforts demilitarize or neutralize Cambodia. Assurances U.S. support would be most useful his government. A written reply to his Foreign Minister’s letter to Heath June 23 would strengthen Cambodian resolve.

Secretary replied time did not permit written response prior Ambassador’s departure. However he hoped progress made in U.S.-U.K. bilateral talks now going on would permit formal reply during course Geneva Conference. We are continuing work toward collective security and hoped Cambodia would be party to such arrangement. We hoped Cambodia would preserve right inherent in Cambodian independence. [Page 1339] make whatever arrangements it saw fit for outside military and economic aid. This is prerogative independent country.

Ambassador asked view U.S. as to possible Cambodian request for UN action should Geneva Conference fail. Secretary replied this hypothetical question but as matter principle U.S. would not oppose such move. However manner and timing such act should be carefully studied and we would be glad consult if circumstances led toward such development.

Ambassador asked about control organization. Secretary replied this is most difficult problem. Hard to see how membership Communist power on control organization could do anything but assist Communist cause. One thing Communists understand is military strength. That is why we are working toward collective security. Cambodia should be in position militarily oppose internal Communist efforts since such likely.

Ambassdor thanked Secretary for helpful advice and concluded his government would continue stand firm against Communist effort subvert Cambodia. Secretary assured Ambassador firm U.S. support and suggested close liaison U.S. delegation Geneva.

  1. Drafted by Hoey of FE/PSA. Repeated to Saigon as telegram 138, to Paris as telegram 134, and to Phnom Penh as telegram 5.