796.00/3–653: Telegram

No. 328
The Ambassador in the Philippines (Spruance) to the Department of State

top secret

2711. No distribution. Eyes only Allison. Views expressed in Embassy’s telegram 2700, March 61 consist of estimate drafted by Embassy and concurred in by … senior military attaché. Please pass as appropriate. That message should be considered as continuation message dated December 16 .…2

Malacanan probably believes that certain US officials played some part in Magsaysay resignation3 although their suspicions not at present directed at any particular individual. We must be prepared for accusation some time during campaign that US officers have interfered in domestic affairs, to which constant and widespread declarations of neutrality coupled with hopes for free elections can be only rejoinder. For moment, and pending Magsaysay’s actual nomination, we have no specific measures to propose.…

  1. Infra.
  2. Document 325.
  3. Ramon Magsaysay resigned as Secretary of Defense at the end of February.