756D.5 MSP/1–452: Telegram

No. 178
The Ambassador in Indonesia (Cochran) to the Department of State


952. For State and ECA. With agreement Indo FonMin Subardjo, I handed him 11:30 today Emb note Nr. 182 dated Jan 42 in exact terms set forth Dept A–110 Nov 233 with fol exceptions:

Point 3 of para 1 omitted.
Words “economic and mil” removed from point 6 para 1.
Sub-para of para 1 renumbered 1 to 5 inclusive after elimination original point 3.
Para 4 reads as follows: “Govt of Indo considers that econ cooperation agreement between Govt of Indo and Govt US, signed Djakarta Oct 16, 1950,4 has been and will continue to be binding obligation of Repub of Indo, according its terms, pending Parliament action.”

Explained to FonMin he shld give me note prior Jan 8 indicating that provisions my note acceptable his govt. Will report promptly upon receipt thereof.

  1. For text, see Department of State Treaties and Other International Acts Series (TIAS) No. 2762 or United States Treaties and Other International Agreements (UST), vol. 4, p. 21. Achmad Subardjo was the Indonesian Foreign Minister.
  2. For text, see Foreign Relations, 1951, vol. vi, Part 1, p. 729.
  3. This agreement is not printed; for text of a press release issued on the occasion of the signing of the agreement, see Department of State Bulletin, Oct. 30, 1950, p. 702.