Presidential Correspondence, lot 66 D 204, “Eisenhower/Dulles Correspondence…”


The Secretary of State to the Embassy in India2

top secret

1005. Re Deptel 992.3 Make following changes text President’s personal message to Nehru:

Delete second sentence paragraph 3 beginning “And I am confirming publicly…” and substitute following verbatim: “And I am confirming publicly that if our aid to any country, including Pakistan, is misused and directed against another in aggression I will undertake immediately, in accordance with my constitutional authority, appropriate action both within and without the UN to thwart such aggression.”
Delete “substantial” in second sentence paragraph 4 re Embtel 13254 on basis President’s public reply to Pakistan request for aid will be released February 25.5 Deliver President’s personal message February 24.

Department believes useful to release text President’s personal message after delivery and issuance President’s public statement. Would appreciate your view on desirability this action.

  1. The complete folder title reads as follows: “Eisenhower/Dulles Correspondence with Prime Minister Nehru 1953–1961”.
  2. This telegram was drafted by Kennedy of SOA and was approved by Byroade.
  3. Supra.
  4. Not printed; the Embassy in New Delhi in telegram 1325, Feb. 20, suggested that since the purpose of President Eisenhower’s letter to Prime Minister Nehru was to inform him of the decision to grant U.S. military aid to Pakistan before this decision became public, the Embassy recommended that the public statement not be issued until Feb. 25 instead of Feb. 24 (790D.5 MSP/2–2054).
  5. President Eisenhower’s public reply to the Pakistani request for military aid was released by the White House, along with the text of the President’s letter of Feb. 24 to Prime Minister Nehru, on Feb. 25. For the text of the President’s response, see the Department of State Bulletin, Mar. 15, 1954, p. 401.