780.022/10–2852: Telegram

No. 1488
The Ambassador in Saudi Arabia (Hare) to the Department of State 1


286. Brit Amb returned yesterday from Riyadh where he had spent week discussing Buraimi. Said King in friendly mood and turned over discussions to Prince Faisal who, after first day, turned over to Yassin and Gargoni where discussions really began. Amb said details of standstill had been worked out after protracted argument, including agreement Saudis refrain further issuance nationality documents.

Re renewed dir negots, Saudis said resume regular boundary talks in accordance London agreement of 1951 (which Saudis indicated had not been followed in Dammam talks this year and in connection with which Brit Amb expects Saudis will stress necessity fact finding). Re Buraimi, Saudis insisted, not in same category as boundary negots and proposed Three Power Commission as reported Embtel 276 Oct 26.2 This is contrary Brit thesis that all these problems should be considered together.

Amb seemed reasonably satisfied with results his trip but said doubtful re acceptability SAG proposals for further negots and felt would probably be desirable suggest arbitration soon.

Amb was somewhat more temperate than just before departure Riyadh when, in discussion with me, he had repeatedly branded Saudi action as “imperialism, that’s what, imperialism”. Last night, however, he expressed personal view that Saudis might have something on their side although he still felt they were pushing their pretentions too far.

  1. Repeated to London, Dhahran, and the Arab capitals.
  2. Not printed; it reported receiving information from the Saudi Arabian Foreign Office that a letter had been delivered to the British Ambassador in Riyadh stating the King was willing to submit the problems of Buraimi and its neighbors to a tripartite commission. The commission, to consist of Saudi Arabia, Britain, and the United States, which was a friend of the other two parties, would proceed to the area and conduct a plebiscite to determine the boundary of Buraimi and its neighbors. (780.022/10–2552)