330/9–853: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Mission at the United Nations1


116. Re SC election:

Department encouraged over apparent UK reconsideration this matter as reported urtel 160. Suggest you express appreciation to UK and reiterate importance we attach defeat Soviet satellite and hope our two governments can agree on suitable non-Soviet candidate. Also desirable French be informed soon, preferably by UK delegation, of shift in UK position re satellite.

Re UK suggestion Thailand as possible alternative to Turkey request you inform UK delegation Department has carefully considered2 suggestion but our present thinking is we should continue maintain possibility Turkish candidacy. We understand Thailand interested only in GA presidency election and does not wish run for any other post. Turkey however has already expressed interest in SC provided it can obtain sufficient support and its possible candidacy has been considered by others for some time. Might therefore complicate situation if additional countries mentioned as possibilities this late stage. Furthermore it has been our estimate Turkey might have best chance election in view its proximity Eastern Europe. However we would of course give consideration other suitable non-Soviet candidate if Turkey decides not run or appears unable obtain sufficient support and will wish continue consult closely with UK on matter.

Re urtel 165 you should of course urge Sarper not give up on SC election. While we cannot this time guarantee Turkey’s success, situation now more encouraging in view present UK attitude and probable effect UK position on Commonwealth and Western European members.

  1. Drafted by Jones and concurred in by Wainhouse and Sandifer; cleared with the geographic bureaus; approved for transmission by Assistant Secretary Murphy; and signed by the Secretary of State.
  2. In this connection the Department received an officer of the British Embassy (Miss Salt) on Sept. 10, who explained the British preference for Thailand over Turkey, “if as expected the UK’s final decision is to oppose a satellite.… It could be explained that the UK position was not based merely on opposition to a satellite, but also on the ground that the Far Eastern area is under-represented in the SC and Thailand’s election would help remedy the situation.” (330/9–1053)