330.13/10–654: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in France1


1418. Re disarmament (Gadel 32, rptd Paris 1299, London 2000, Oct 7; Gadels [Delgas] 63 and 64, rptd Paris 1295, London 1996, Oct 7)2

Request Embassy urgently see appropriate high-ranking official French Government conveying following:
Dept seriously concerned by extent Jules Moch’s free-wheeling tactics on disarmament item at GA. While UK, US, Canadian delegations acting in concert, now appears Moch has been seeing Vyshinsky without informing other Dels. USDel had wondered why Vyshinsky appeared aware many matters discussed at meetings four Western delegations. Oct 14 Moch inadvertently disclosed he had been shown USSR amendments to Western-supported disarmament resolution prior to Canada, which had introduced this resolution. Moch has consistently sought accept Soviet amendments to Western resolution, mostly without revision, and threatened speak in their support despite US, UK, Canadian attitude, with consequent damaging effect on substantive positions previously held by four Western allies. While US, UK, Canadian, French dels. previously agreed USSR should be invited cosponsor Canadian resolution only on assurance no amendments would be accepted, Moch now declares not aware this understanding.
Above facts make Dept view apprehensively future disarmament discussions, since Moch’s attitude indicates may be divergences between Western allies caused not by merits disarmament issues but by other factors.
USG deeply desires explore whether new Soviet proposal involves advance toward agreement or is only clever propaganda gambit. This requires careful, extended discussions. It also needs closest cooperation Western participants these discussions. Such cooperation seems strained now by Moch’s attitude and may become worse if he continues on present course. Dept. would hope French Govt could advise French GA Del concert and cooperate with UK, Canadian, US Delegations on disarmament item.
FYI. We do not know whether Moch acting for self or on instructions and this might be good opportunity probe this important question.
  1. Drafted by Meyers of UNP. Repeated for information to New York as telegram Gadel 48 and to London as telegram 2181.
  2. None printed. (330.13/10–654)