Eisenhower Library, Eisenhower papers, Whitman file

Memorandum for the President, Prepared in the United States Atomic Energy Commission1

The atomic energy relationships between the United States and Canada, if they come up during your visit,2 should be currently benefited as we will be informing the Canadians today of the arrangement for more extensive technical cooperation under the Modus Vivendi.3 This will give them information on effects of atomic weapons to assist them in defense preparations.

. . . . . . .

Suggested points that might be made if occasion arises:

Express appreciation of the American people for the Canadian contribution to the common defense effort by the production and sale of uranium to the United States—stressing particularly the sympathetic and understanding cooperation of C.D. Howe.
Express hope that continued vigorous search for uranium will result in greater production.
State that you have directed the Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission to recommend amendments to the Atomic Energy Act at next session of Congress to provide for broader cooperation with Canada and friendly nations.
  1. The source text is unsigned but was prepared on AEC stationery. It was initialed “D.E.” by President Eisenhower.
  2. The President visited Canada Nov. 13–14. No record of discussions on atomic energy has been found.
  3. They Modus Vivendi is recorded in the minutes of the Combined Policy Committee, Jan. 7, 1948; for text, see Foreign Relations, 1948, vol. i, Part 2, p. 679.