Eisenhower Library, Eisenhower papers, Whitman file

Minutes of the Cabinet Meeting, Held at the White House, 10 a.m., April 3, 19531

  • The following were present:
    • President Eisenhower
    • Vice President Nixon
    • Secretary Dulles
    • Secretary Wilson
    • Under Secretary of Treasury Folsom
    • Mrs. Hobby
    • Ambassador Lodge
    • Mr. Stassen
    • Director Dodge
    • Chairman Young
    • Mr. Brownell
    • Mr. Summerfield
    • Secretary McKay
    • Under Secretary of Agriculture Morse
    • Secretary Weeks
    • Secretary Benson
    • Under Secretary of Labor Mashburn
    • Mr. Shanley
    • Mr. C. D. Jackson
    • Mr. Cutler
    • Dr. Hauge
    • Mr. Morgan
    • Mr. Hughes

(Mr. Hagerty was present for the discussion of the item concerning television appearances.)

[Here follow comments by the President concerning possible ways to “glamourize” the work of the Foreign Service, consideration of reciprocal trade measures, and discussion of the possible purchase from Great Britain of generators and transmitters.]

Bricker Amendment—Cabinet Members who are called upon to testify on the proposed Bricker Amendment are to present their individual views. Should any determine to support the amendment, they are free to do so but are urged to confer first with the State Department. Secretary Dulles will send to all Cabinet Members copies of the statement he will make.

The President said that he is publicly expressing his own view that the amendment is unnecessary. It would not hurt the President but it would be damaging to the United States, for to protect against any potential error by this means would serve merely to compound the error. He talked at length on the frequency with which Executive Agreements have to be made.

[Here follows discussion of the need for closer liaison with Congress, labor-management problems, television appearances by Cabinet members, the St. Lawrence Seaway, public support for the administration, and the FY 1955 budget presentations.]

  1. Prepared by Minnich.