793B.00/9–1251: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consulate General at Calcutta

top secret   priority

128. Contel 154 Sep 10 and Embtel 939 Sep 12.1 Dept accepts Emb recommendation implement plan show [name deleted] letter signed by Amb provided letter never leaves possession US officials and provided [name deleted] sees letter in presence of US officials only.

[Page 1808]

Suggest letter similar to document previously forwarded DL pursuant Deptel 91 Jul 12 (copy that document sent Dept as enclosure Condes 21 Jul 16), with exception that section letter concerning aid resistance groups be limited to general statement to effect that such material aid would be furnished as was feasible under existing political and physical conditions. …

Final approval text and implementation plan left discretion Amb.

  1. For text of telegram 939 from New Delhi, see p. 1803; telegram 154 from Calcutta is quoted in part in footnote 1 thereto.