690D.91/7–2651: Telegram

The Ambassador in Pakistan (Warren) to the Secretary of State


96. Immed on receipt of Deptel 88, June [July] 24, 8 p. m., I requested interview with PriMin. His secy last night gave me 11:45 today and appointment was notified to Delhi early this a. m.1

After I had expressed to PM msg indicated by Deptel under ref, he asked (1) what shld he do, and (2) what does US propose to do. Then I countered by asking for his estimate of GOI mil position and intent. He replied according to my recollection that he believes GOIs basic intent is to place sufficient mil power adjacent to Pak frontiers and well in advance of projected Kashmir Constituent Assembly election so that Pak has two alternatives; (1) accept election as a fait accompli which wld mean the end of the Kashmir dispute, or (2) fight. If Pak were to fight then GOI wld denounce them as aggressors. He believes reason for placing Ind Army adjacent to west Punjab now rather than after monsoon was done not on account of monsoon floods but rather to embarrass Graham mission and to face Graham with argument that India must re-militarize rather than demilitarize on account of increased number of border incidents at Kashmir cease-fire line and alleged belligerency of Pak polit leaders.

He added in opinion GOP now is not the time for Pak to advance publicly estimate of GOI intentions because (1) it wld complicate any possible success of Graham mission and (2) Pak does not want to reopen Kashmir question before SC while Graham is trying to secure some Indian acquiescence for carrying out his commission.

He added that before Graham left Karachi on 23rd for Delhi, the Paks had agreed to all of his proposals. PM himself had expressed to Graham the hope that if his present visit in Delhi was fruitless that he, Graham, wld consider desirability of reporting back immed to SC the position taken by the two govts, and not stay on indefinitely in subcontinent and thus become a party to what Liaquat considers to be Nehru’s plan as indicated above. In event that Graham shld decide his present visit Delhi gives no hope of success his demilitarization plans and returns to SC, then GOP intends denounce to SC and possibly special mtg of Gen Assembly GOIs present mil position adjacent both Pak borders as threat to peace as well as an intimidation to force Pak acquiescence in projected Kashmir Constituent Assembly election.

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Liaquat concluded by saying he is prepared to move promptly on any simultaneous withdrawal of troops adjacent to two borders if it can be arranged and this without respect to implications that may arise with respect to Kashmir elections. If troop withdrawals can be brought about he is ready to participate in UN discussions on the elections because in no case will he agree to the elections taking place.

Rptd info Delhi 14, London 13.

  1. This notification was given in telegram 367, from New Delhi to Washington, which was repeated as telegram 24, to Karachi (357.AB/7–2651).