357.AB/3–551: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the United States Representative at the United Nations 1


760. Brit Emb informed Dept Mar 3 UK prepared accept Bunche provided US able prevail upon Pak agree his selection. Although we wld have preferred avoid seeking reaction parties selection candidate we believe interest moving ahead preferable accept UK suggestion. We suggest Gross approach Bunche informal basis and ascertain his availability, pointing out: (1) great importance UK, US attach early settlement Kashmir dispute which is retarding econ social progress both countries and preventing estab stable conditions important area Asia and world; (2) Pres-had Bunche in mind (on Secy’s recommendation) when he informed Pak FonMin Feb 14 US wld offer one of its most distinguished cits for role UN repr; (3) Dept believes Bunche has qualifications which make him eminently suited this difficult task and chances successful negots wld be greatly enhanced by his taking on this role; (4) Despite initial Indian reaction UK–US Res we hope further SC consideration will lead to situation in which appt UN repr of person such outstanding qualifications as Bunche would offer hope of progress.

  1. Repeated for information to Karachi as telegram 550, to New Delhi as 1405, and to London as 4018.