Memorandum by the Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs (Miller)


After talking with Mr. Nelson Rockefeller, Ambassador Zuleta and Dr. Lleras,1 I believe we can anticipate a strong move at the Conference [Page 934] of Foreign Ministers for a resolution reaffirming Point IV and economic development. It seems to me that we should be prepared to take a positive position on this by drafting a resolution which could be entitled “Emergency Programs to Strengthen the Home Front”, and which could include some of the following points which have been suggested by one or more of the three individuals named:

Setting targets for food production over a given period of five or ten years, and instructing IA–ECOSOC to work out detailed plans.
Setting targets for disease control under Health and Sanitation activities (i.e., 5-year program to eliminate malaria, as proposed by Dr. Soper to Mr. Rockefeller), and instructing IA–ECOSOC and PASO to work out detailed plans.
Direction to IA–ECOSOC and Governments to collaborate on preparation of plans for an internal transportation system keyed to strategic materials.
Direction to IA–ECOSOC to study plans for maximum utilization of available manpower throughout the Hemisphere for war production purposes (including possibility of moving unused plants from Germany, as suggested by Vargas).
Instructing IA–ECOSOC to make studies for post-war development and maximum utilization of unusable dollar accumulations.

  1. Alberto Lleras Camargo, Secretary General of the Organization of Americans States.