320/11–1751: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the United States Representative at the United Nations (Austin)


Gadel 183. On further consideration Fr proposal re News-gathering Convention and after consulting Canham1 (memo of conversation pouched Nov. 142), Dept inclined maintain position set forth [Page 813] Gadel 64. However, require report status USDel consultations suggested Gadel 64 in order decide whether US opposition to possibility dividing convention two parts with provision for optional acceptance shld be reconsidered.

Dept sees possible advantage under certain circumstances in agreeing such division if this is only means preventing adoption Fr proposal for separate convention on right of correction standing alone. Wld not agree such division however unless reasonable assurance necessary support to bring first part convention re newsgathering into force, since otherwise wld merely result activation right of correction alone. If necessary resort to such division, US cld either sign only first part re newsgathering, or first and second part (re correction) with reservation that, if ratified by Senate, US obligation under second part wld extend only vis-à-vis States which also accepted first part re news-gathering.

If tempo negots preclude reference Dept, USDel authorized discuss on confidential basis possibility division of convention on above basis with such Dels as UK, Fr, Neth, Canad, Swed, Den, Leb, Urug and Grk. USDel shld not formally propose division unless necessary prevent adoption Fr proposal for separate Convention on Eight Correction. USDel shld first make every effort as suggested Gadel 64 to head off or defeat Fr proposal.

  1. Erwin Canham, United States Representative on the United States Delegation to the Third Regular Session of the General Assembly, 1948–1949; he was the U.S. Delegate concerned with freedom of information issues.
  2. Not printed.