350/6–451: Telegram

The Acting United States Representative at the United Nations (Gross) to the Secretary of State

confidential priority

1601. Chinese representation in TC. In view understanding reached with UK on Chinese representation question, if Soviet makes usual proposal at opening TC tomorrow to exclude Chinese rep, Sayre1 proposes make statement set forth below and pursue course of action indicated therein. Sir Alan Burns2 in agreement on tactics and states UK will vote affirmatively on motion to postpone discussion.

“The opposition of the US Government to the unseating of the rep of the Chinese Nationalist Govt and to the seating of a rep of the Chinese Communist regime, has been made clear time and time again. I now reaffirm this position of my government. In the view of my govt it is out of the question to discuss the issue in an organ of the UN while the Chinese Communist regime at this very moment is engaged in aggression against the United Nations and while Chinese Communist troops are seeking to destroy the troops of the UN.

For these reasons, I move, pursuant to rule 56, subpara G of the Council’s rules of procedure, that the TC postpone further discussion of this question. That motion, as the rule specifies, has precedence over the proposal of the Soviet rep if it is adopted, as my delegation strongly urges, it would result in an indefinite postponement of any further discussion of the Soviet proposal and the continuance of the Chinese Nationalist rep in this council.”

  1. Francis B. Sayre was the United States Representative on the Trusteeship Council.
  2. Sir Alan Burns was British Representative on the Trusteeship Council.