611.86A/2–150: Telegram

The Ambassador in Saudi Arabia (Childs) to the Secretary of State 1


62. Deptel 17 January 17.2 It would be most helpful if we could have as soon as possible information re (1) present status consideration O’Keefe report by JCS; (2) plans Department concerning MAP action; (3) results explorations mentioned paragraph 3 Deptel 407 October 15 last;3 (4) present status availability to SAG informal guidance for Commercial procurement military equipment, or possibility certain supplies from army surplus. See Embtel 573 September 27.4

It is as certain as anything can be SAG will expect US soon enter DAF negotiations with proposals MAP. Department will recall short term extension DAF agreement last June5 for one year predicated on positive expectation USG would during ensuing 12 months examine means by which MAP might be devised to warrant long-term agreement and fulfill King’s wishes for internal security which he has been demanding with increasing forcefulness for more than 10 years.

Time is rapidly approaching when I shall again be asked by King re status our plans to help him.

In connection MAP assistance for SAG I am of course concerned by recent publicity Javits’ comments6 which are certain eventually reach SAG if not already in their hands and which may serve stimulate apprehensions their part.

As of course Department aware there is no more important problem in US relationships with SAG than this question military aid and DAF negotiations listed as points 3 and 4 Deptel 17 January 17. Time rapidly approaching when it must come to head OSRDAF agreement expires in June.

Department will no doubt realize my position here will be practically untenable unless I can furnish King with concrete evidence of what we intend to do to help him and time about past when promises re our future intentions will carry much weight with him.

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I realize delicate question on MAP to SAG in light Israel but I feel strongly we should approach question not from point view aid to an Arab country but aid for country which is helping us out and is extremely important to US strategically. Aid should be viewed not as aid to Arabs but as aid which seconds US interests.

  1. This telegram was repeated to Cairo, Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut, London, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Amman, and Dhahran.
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  6. Jacob K. Javits, United States Representative from New York, criticized the reported export of British arms to the Arab states in two letters to Secretary of State Acheson, dated December 28, 1949, and January 26, 1950, not printed, which Javits also released to the press. For the Secretary’s answer to the first letter, dated January 12, 1950, see p. 684.