840.00R/10–2550: Telegram

The United States Special Representative in Europe (Katz) to the Secretary of State


Repsec 44. 1. In discussion today, Stikker specifically requested that US take leadership in organizing NATO/OEEC working group of [Page 403] 12. He understood deputies had left chairmanship to group itself. He said he would instruct Dutch representative to recommend American chairmanship.

2. Hall-Patch1 has indicated British expect US take chairmanship. He said Charpentier2 had suggested meeting be held Benelux office, Paris, presumably, in Hall-Patch’s view, to encourage Belgian or Dutch chairmanship. Hall-Patch discouraged Charpentier, indicating his understanding that meeting would be called at OSR offices. In view foregoing and in light telephone conversation between Spofford and Katz prior Spofford departure for Washington, OSR will take initiative and call first meeting of working group of 12 at OSR offices November 1.

Sent Department for Perkins and Spofford. Pass ECA for Foster and Bissell. Sent London for Bonesteel and Breithut. Limit distribution.

  1. Edmund L. Hall-Patch, United Kingdom Permanent Representative on the OEEC.
  2. Pierre-Albert Charpentier, Director General of Economic Affairs, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.