196. Memorandum for Record1

Following attended luncheon given by Secretary of Air Force, Talbott:

  • Mr. Trevor Gardner, Asst. to Sec. A.F.
  • Lt. Gen. Donald Putt A.F.
  • Dr. Land
  • Mr. Clarence Kelly Johnson, Lockheed A/C Co.
  • Mr. Fred Ayers, Asst. to Sec. A.F.
  • Mr. Allen Dulles, DCI
  • Lt. Gen. C.P. Cabell, DDCI

It was agreed that the special item of matériel described by Lockheed was practical and desirable and would be sought in addition to the matériel item suggested by Gen. Twining at the earlier meeting with him.2

It was agreed that the Project should be a joint Air Force–CIA one but that regardless of the source of the funds, whether A.F or CIA, CIA unvouchered channels would be needed to pass the funds.

  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency, Office of the Director for Science and Technology, Job 33–02415A, Box 1, Folder 7. Top Secret. The memorandum was handwritten by Cabell.
  2. The meeting has not been further identified.