811.20200(D)/6–1049: Telegram

The Consul General at Shanghai (Cabot) to the Secretary of State

2198. Question has arisen my mind extent which USIS should continue circulate Shanghai, elsewhere, Communist-occupied China, information [Page 1161] material directly attacking Communism. My concern is overly vigorous attacks may result in early shutdown USIS activities. Deputy Acting Director USIS China believes distribution material unfriendly to Russian imperialism or Communism as employed by Soviet for aggression not likely to be cause for shutdown which likely come any case on more general grounds such as in Peiping. Same time feels deletion of such material from USIS news file except for most flagrantly provocative would result in distorted picture American public opinion, a picture too closely in line with that now being painted by CCP propagandists. Believes shutdown preferable. Specific example type material which I regard as dangerous but which USIS distributed after considered judgement was Paul G. Hoffman42 speech St. Louis, June 7. Deputy Acting Director USIS feels desirable distribute this type material ground it attack on Kremlin, not on Chinese Communists or even abstract principles Marxism. I realize Department has instructed posts they authorized use best judgement deleting material likely antagonize local authorities. Also presume Department made specific decision before sending Hoffman speech realizing it was for distribution Communist China. Nevertheless desire early guidance this general question in as specific terms as may be provided. Pending reply editorial decisions by USIS made extremely difficult. Also desire Connors43 comment Canton.

Sent Department, repeated OffEmb Canton 679, Nanking 1154.

  1. Administrator, Economic Cooperation Administration (ECA).
  2. W. Bradley Connors, Consul at Canton and Acting Director of USIS, China.