893.00/2–849: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

342. According to February 6 North Shensi broadcast, “active preparations are now under way to convoke provisional congress of [Page 116] people’s representatives of liberated central plains area between Yangtze and Yellow Rivers at which, provisional people’s democratic government for whole area will be established and administrative program for this government worked out. Preparations follow December proposal from central plains bureau of Central Committee of CCP.”25

“Proposal states new people’s government must be established on broad basis of people’s democracy. Government should include broad democratic elements, from workers, peasants, urban poor, independent laborers, intelligentsia, professional people as well as liberal bourgeoisie, enlightened gentry and minority nationalities. CP members working in government should cooperate democratically with non-Communists on basis of revolutionary program.”

People’s representative congress is to be supreme government organ of power. It is to elect government council and work out administrative program. In view of wartime conditions and lack of time for preparations, government will be provisional one to be perfected gradually as time goes on.”

Central plains liberated area is spread over five provinces of Honan, Hupeh, Shensi, Anhwei and Kiangsu.

Sent Department 342, pouched Shanghai and Embassy Canton.

  1. Chinese Communist Party.