125.6336/6–749: Telegram

The Consul General at Shanghai (Cabot) to the Secretary of State

2141. Shanghai Post editorial commenting on treatment Consul [at] Mukden speculates Soviets may be responsible because of their special interest in Manchuria.

Considering Chinese Commies have shown themselves sensitive to newspaper comment in US on other matters, notably their possible Titoism,64 it occurs to me now that publicity has been given Mukden affair Department might wish quietly stir some comment in US press along lines Shanghai Posts editorial. If there is basis for presumption Soviets are involved, it may well be due to their desire embroil US and Chinese Commies. Comment in US might perhaps end by embroiling Chinese Commies and Soviets.

Sent Department 2141, repeated Nanking 1120.

  1. Marshal Joslp Broz Tito, head of Yugoslav Communist Party and State, who broke with Moscow in June 1948.