895.34/4–2949: Telegram

The Ambassador in Korea (Muccio) to the Secretary of State


461. Deptel 297, April 27.1 To SecState info CINCFE April 29.

1. I shall inform Rhee, who returning Seoul today from week’s tour southern provinces,2 of allocation $200,000 for marine maintenance aids and spare parts. However, Rhee is almost certain to inquire reference additional vessels and will no doubt be extremely disappointed at vagueness any reply I can give him.

2. I appreciate efforts being made by Dept obtain craft requested mytel 447, April 26. I earnestly hope these efforts will prove successful. It will be obvious repairing present craft no answer existing coastal security and smuggling problems. I cannot too strongly stress need for additional craft if these problems are to be adequately met.

3. ReDeptel 292, April 27,3 I am strongly of opinion it would be premature and unwise to declassify troop withdrawal plans or initiate outmovement troops and supplies prior further discussions with Rhee. Resumption discussions would be fruitless prior to firm decision on [Page 999] part US Govt as to what military and coast guard equipment and supplies are to be made available before Withdrawal. This especially true now in view anxiety with which Koreans are receiving news from China. Indeed, unless further action taken soonest strengthen Coast Guard, I feel it might be hazardous and unwise proceed how with troop withdrawal.

  1. See footnote 3, p. 997.
  2. On his return, President Rhee stated that the Communist uprising which had begun at Yosu in October 1948 was under control; see the New York Times, April 30, 1949, and U.N. document A/936, p. 28.
  3. Not printed. This telegram requested Ambassador Muccio’s views on an Army request for State Department concurrence on downgrading the classification of steps connected with withdrawal of U.S. troops from Korea. Specific troop sailing dates were to be downgraded to “Restricted”, but the June 30 completion date was to remain “Secret”. (740.00119 Control (Korea)/4–2749)