890.0145/6–149: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Iran 1


524. Embtel 726, June 1. As submission bill re subsea resources to Iran Majlis and ensuing radio commentary by radio Tehran had effect announcing to world Iran intentions and gen thinking on subj, Dept did not intend that Emb’s approach to Iran Gov wld be based on either Saudi Govt’s action or fact US had advised SAG. Instrs and timetable outlined in Deptels 342 and 343 Apr. 14 were considered modified by possibility Iran rather than SAG might issue first formal statement. In view fact SAG issued proclamation in manner not permitting advance notice Tehran, Emb is relieved obligation adhere to original instrs.

Dept believes our views re desirable gen principles might be given Iran Gov based solely on public knowledge text Iran Gov bill. Emb might state that since Iran Proclamation appears to have been drafted in light of Truman Proclamation 1945 (Dept Circ instr Oct. 17, 19452), US Govt believes it appropriate to mention to Iran Gov some of considerations and thinking which prompted US Govt utilize exact wording particularly with regard to navigation and fishing, employed Truman Proclamation (see paras 3 through 6 and para 8 summary memo Oct. 21, 1948;3 numbered paras (2) and (5) Deptel 1025, Nov. 1, 1948;4 para 3 page 6 Dept’s A–23 Mar 2 and Deptels 474, [Page 136] May 24 and 487, May 27). Emb cld even suggest that if such words as “proprietary rights” (para 4 Deptel 487) were retained in proclamation this Govt might not be able to recognize validity proclamation since such phrase appears to be contrary to established internatl law. This Govt was forced to serve notice that it reserved its position against claims made in proclamations by several South Amer states which used wording which appeared be contrary such law. However, Dept leaves entirely to Emb’s discretion whether foregoing views shld be made known Iran Gov.

This and preceding tels this subject have been discussed with Wagner.5

  1. Repeated to London, Jidda, Cairo, and Baghdad.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Not printed; but see footnote 1, Foreign Relations, 1948, vol. v, Part 1, p. 59.
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  5. Marcel E. Wagner, President of the American Eastern Corporation.