740.0011 EW (Peace)/11–2849: Telegram

The Minister in Hungary (Davis) to the Secretary of State


1318. I attended today 11 a. m. meeting at British Legation three heads mission formally invited by British Minister on twenty-third. Soviet Chargé Smirnov failed appear, so far neglected acknowledge invitation. (Legtel 1294 seventeenth1).

On premise that objective should be enable Yugoslav Government carry through article 40 procedure, I recommend following steps: (1) notify Soviet Chargé that since he failed attend meeting it obvious three heads have failed resolve dispute within two months’ treaty period (Yugoslav first notified US dispute exists in note September 27); (2) advise Yugoslav Minister accordingly, briefing exchanges which have taken place among three heads; (3) advise Hungarian Government that three heads have failed resolve dispute and that Yugoslav Minister so notified.

First step probably best accomplished by British Minister (who is senior to me and Soviet Chargé (advising me in writing and then by formal notification to both British Minister and Soviet representative of my concurrence with former; second step similarly by my notifying Yugoslav Minister of my concurrence with British Minister; and last step by independent note to hand Foreign Office. British Minister concurs and is cabling his Foreign Office in similar sense. Please instruct.

Sent Department 1318; repeated London 47, Belgrade 74; Department pass Moscow 38.

  1. In a note of November 23 to Soviet Chargé Smirnov, not printed, Minister Davis made the points outlined in telegram 1294, November 17, from Budapest (supra). On the same day, British Minister Wallinger addressed notes to Davis and Smirnov suggesting a meeting at the British Legation of the three chiefs of mission in Budapest to consider the Yugoslav-Hungarian dispute. Copies of the notes were transmitted to the Department of State as enclosures to despatch 1009, November 18, from Budapest, none printed (740.0011 EW (Peace)/12–449).