861.9111 RR/1–2949: Telegram

The Chargé in the Soviet Union (Kohler) to the Secretary of State

228. Soviet press January 29 carries 10 column spread giving text “Statement Minister Foreign Affairs USSR on North Atlantic Pact.” Referring Dept’s publication January 14: “Building the Peace. Collective Security in North Atlantic Area”,1 statement denounces Western Union as weapon aggressive Anglo-American bloc in Europe. Fact [Page 52] that USSR and countries Peoples Democracies excluded from Western Union reveals that organization formed not in interests peace but in pursuit aims having nothing do with international security. Great Britain, France are accused thereby of violating spirit Yalta Potsdam and attempting use Western Germany in setting up grouping against former allies World War Two. Statement then blasts Marshall Plan which ruining participating countries and passes to discussion formation North Atlantic Union which characterized as being closely linked to Anglo-American plans for forcible establishment Anglo-American world domination under aegis of USA.

Expanding on latter theme statement asserts North Atlantic Pact, Rio Treaty, proposed Scandinavian defense system, project for regional grouping south Asiatic countries all part Anglo-American plans for world domination. These intentions proved also by great armaments programs fact that leading circles USA and Britain not interested in agreement and cooperation with USSR. North Atlantic Union undermines UN and Articles 51 and 52 as referred to by US as justifying formation union are inapplicable. “New direction” in foreign policy Western Powers really return to old anti-Soviet course directed at isolation USSR. Full translation follows of statements concluding paragraph headed “Main conclusions:”

First conclusion, Soviet Union is forced to reckon with fact that ruling circles US, Great Britain have passed to openly aggressive political course, ultimate aim of which is forcible establishment Anglo-American world domination with which moreover their policy of aggression, their policy of unleashing new war is in accord. In view of such situation Soviet Union must still more energetically and still more consistently wage struggle against each and all warmongers, against policy aggression and unleashing of new war. For general stable democratic peace in this struggle to strengthen world peace and internal security Soviet Union considers as its allies all other peace loving states and all those countless supporters of universal democratic peace who are real expressers of thoughts and feelings of peoples bearing on their shoulders incredible burdens of last world war and justly rejecting each and all aggressors and instigators of new war.

Second conclusion, everyone sees that UNO now being undermined since it at least to certain extent hinders and restrains aggressive circles in their policy of aggression and unleashing new war. In view of such situation Soviet Union must fight still more firmly and still more insistently against undermining and destruction of UNO by aggressive elements and their helpers and must insure that the UNO shall not indulge such elements as is now not infrequently the case but shall hold its authority in higher esteem when matter concerns rebuff to [Page 53] those who are conducting a policy of aggression and unleashing of new war. Advise if full text desired.2

  1. “Collective Security in the North Atlantic Area,” Department of State publication 3377.
  2. The Chargé in the Soviet Union transmitted three copies of the Joint Press Reading Service’s translation of this statement in his despatch No. 64, January 31, 1949. (861.9111/1–3149)