710.J/5–148: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Costa Rica

117. Bogotá Conference signed Apr 30 resolution1 summarized in following terms:

Continuity of diplomatic relations among American states is desirable.
Right of maintaining, suspending or resuming diplomatic relations with another Govt cannot be employed as instrument for individually obtaining unjustified advantages in conformity with international law.
Establishment or maintenance of diplomatic relations with Govt does not signify judgment concerning internal policy.

This resolution should obviate need for raising any question non-continuity diplomatic relationships at this time.2

  1. For Resolution XXXV, “Exercise of the right of legation”, see Ninth International Conference of American States, Bogotá, Colombia, March 30–May 2, 1948, Report of the Delegation of the United States of America with Related Documents, Department of State publication 3263, p. 271.
  2. The Secretary of State instructed the Embassy in Costa Rica in telegram 119, May 5, 6 p. m., not printed, that in view of the Bogotá resolution the Department considered the question of recognition of Costa Rican regime after May 8 should not arise and the Embassy should continue relations with the Costa Rican Government (818.00/5–448).