893.24 FLC/9–2448: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State37

[To Shanghai:] For Luboshez. Clark has received letter from Tung Ling September 23 taking exception to Clark’s minutes of your conversation of September 21 (see Embtel 835 to Shanghai38) and submitting his (Tung Ling’s) version of the minutes of which he requests confirmation. Tung Ling’s changes in our minutes follow:

Additional paragraph (new number 2) has been inserted to read: “Scrap is defined as article which has no reasonable prospect of sale except for its basic material content.”

  • Paragraph 2 (new 3) has been amended to read: “Where Bosey finds that property declared surplus subsequent to June 30, 1948 is of value only as scrap, OFLC shall look into matter in endeavor to have declaration reviewed.”
  • Paragraph 4 (new 5) amended to read: “Where property has been declared surplus after June 30, 1948 and prior to agreement on cutoff date, such property will be renotified to Chinese as surplus and Chinese will be given 60 days from date of receipt of such new notification to take possession and after the date of taking possession 4 rather than 6 months for removal.”
  • Paragraph 5 (new 6) amended to read: “As a compensation from its withdrawal of Eniwetok from the agreement the US Government will withdraw declarations of surplus property or scrap on such islands as Bosey considers inaccessible.”

Penultimate unnumbered paragraph new number 7 amended to read: “Dr. Tung undertook to use every effort to expedite the removal of property from the islands particularly from the Australian mandated territory and Mr. Clark promised to render the necessary assistance.”

Your comments on above changes would be appreciated.

Clark is away from Nanking until September 29.

  1. Sent to the Consul General at Shanghai as telegram No. 848.
  2. Sent to the Department as telegram No. 1742, September 21, 7 p.m., p. 721.