125.351/10–148: Telegram

The Consul at Dairen (Paddock) to the Secretary of State

160. First indication Dairen Consulate may be closed was Deptel to Moscow 1169, September 27, repeated Nanking 1364. Decision seems depend on success sending couriers here.

I anxious Embassy and Department know Vice Consul Gleysteen9 and I eager remain here despite isolation. We consider post of strategic value because it only US agency in Commie China.

Commie subservience to Soviets spotlighted here. Kwantung is transit link between Manchuria and Shantung and is outfitting center for Commies in Shantung (ReContel 13, July 21, repeated Department 11010). Also exit for Commies going abroad. Sporadic opportunities occur to obtain important intelligence information (reContels 11, July 15, repeated Department 107; 40, September 1, repeated Department 135; 43, September 2, [6], repeated Department 138; 47, September 6, repeated Department 14111). Largely due Gleysteen fluency Chinese, data of value obtained from press and casual conversations (reContels 17, July 31, repeated Department 113; 20, August 4, repeated Department 116;12 128 to Department, repeated Nanking 3313).

It evident mere existence American Consulate here good propaganda for US, particularly assignment old nation of democratic strength. Soviet and Commie irritation at presence American Consulate [Page 795] which able refute their propaganda and observe their activities regarding local population, is emphasized by constant efforts restrict Consulate officers. Departure of Patch14 used initiate new restrictions. Soviet Komandatura now refuses receive letters from Consulate. Chinese officials all ranks refuse let me call on them. Local population afraid come my residence, for example fix radio. Social contacts limited to 8 persons, most of whom informers. Consulate forced negotiate only with Soviet Consul. Whatever request made he claims it not in his “competency”. Blandly insists all local population free go my house any time any purpose.

Although curfew is at 11, it now almost impossible drive Consulate auto after dark due police constantly stopping it, resulting long, sometimes unpleasant delays. Other autos not stopped. We cannot receive “night passes” which presumably would eliminate this difficulty. We now sleep office when we work evening. In emergency we would be unable to go office at night.

On bright side is fact residence comfortable. Succeeded acquiring full winter supply coal both house and office. Food costs, although enormous for local population, are low for us due dollar exchange rate. Thus no hardships physically.

Despite isolation, Gleysteen and I sincerely anxious remain here keep post open. If it question of cost of special ship, perhaps one courier every 3 months could be managed. In any event, difficulty regarding immediate servicing of this Consulate is not in itself sufficient cause to close office.

Sent Nanking 62, repeated Department 160. Department pass Nanking, Shanghai 93, Moscow 54.

  1. Culver Gleysteen.
  2. Not printed.
  3. None printed.
  4. Neither printed.
  5. Dated August 28, not printed.
  6. Isaac Patch, Jr., Vice Consul, transferred to Moscow.