893.01 Manchuria/8–2348: Telegram

The Consul General at Mukden (Ward) to the Secretary of State

348. Chinese recently arrived from Changchun, previously known [to] official U. S. organizations there as well-informed certain subjects but doubtful reliability states plan for independent Manchuria Government (reCondes 20, May 14, 194868) failed March–April when pro-Soviet clique attempted establish such government but forced abandon plan by Yenan clique. Stated pro-Soviet clique now attempting achieve hegemony northeast by increased use Mongolian and Korean Communist troops in strategic areas, thus placing selves in predominant position for efforts, carry out own future plans, in meantime perfecting own administrative and personnel organization. Source states he observed Communist front lines Changchun and north of Mukden held by units preponderantly Korean. Latter information in general accordance with ESD69 information.

Sent Nanking 437; repeated Department 348.

  1. Not printed.
  2. External Survey Detachment #44, an American intelligence unit attached to the Western Pacific Naval Command.