501.BB Palestine/6–1348: Telegram

The Vice Consul at Jerusalem (Burdett) to the Secretary of State

us urgent

908. Following message was communicated at 2100 hours local tonight to Jewish authorities in Jerusalem by Truce Commission and Count Bernadotte’s special representative in Jerusalem.

“The Truce Commission and Colonel Brunsson,1 special representative of Count Bernadotte, have carefully considered the question of Jewish convoys to Jerusalem, They feel such convoys must be checked at Bab el Wad in order to insure effective control. Until further notice the Jewish authorities are requested to stop all vehicles before they reach Bab el Wad. If any vehicles pass Bab el Wad before clearance by representatives of the mediator, the Truce Commission and Colonel Brunsson consider that the Jewish authorities will bear full responsibility for any resulting breach of the cease-fire agreement.”2

  1. Nils Brunsson, Personal Representative of Count Bernadotte at Jerusalem and Chief Military Observer in that city.
  2. The Truce Commission, on June 14, sent a further communication to Dr. Bernard Joseph, the Israeli head of the Jerusalem Emergency Committee, fixing a deadline of 8 p. m. that night for accepting establishment of the checkpoint. Mr. Burdett reported that “Five minutes before deadline Joseph notified Commission he agreed on own responsibility and in absence instructions from Tel Aviv to establishment Bab El Wad check post Added he assumed no responsibility for safety observers and that in event his decision countermanded by Tel Aviv, check point would have to be evacuated.” (Telegram 918, June 14, from Jerusalem, 501.BB Palestine/6–1448)