501.BC Kashmir/10–548: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the United States Representative on the United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan (Huddle), at Geneva


1408. Kascom 37.

Deptel 1399 Kascom 36 Oct 2 sent without knowledge that Comm had issued Sep 19 appeal.1 Dept gathers Kascom [ Comkas ] 51 (Geneva’s 1357 Oct 5)2 that UNCIP decided no additional restraining measure required.
Dept would appreciate fuller UNCIP and GADel reaction suggestions contained Kascom 35 Sep 293 re informal discussions Paris. Re Brit suggestion Step b contained London’s 84 Oct 4 to Geneva,4 Dept inclined concur that UNCIP not rush preparation report, and avail UNCIP’s proximity Paris try persuade GOI and GOP delegations along lines paras 1 and 2 Kascom 35. Give Dept your reaction Brit plan, which might appeal to UNCIP in view your feeling there is not much UNCIP can do at this time. Dept reserving opinion pending your comments.
Dept has impression that in view your feeling UNCIP can accomplish little this stage and that wisdom Pak laying Nehru telegram before SC questionable, and in view your comments re possible course [Page 423] Pak PM might take, you may have in mind that negotiations should revert to bilateral talks without any further UN action. Although submission UNCIP report may be briefly delayed, it will no doubt have to be presented SC near future. Submission report will almost certainly result in further consideration by SC possible means achieving peaceful solution Kashmir problem unless parties reach agreement in meantime by direct negotiations.
Inform Dept progress UNCIP’s work on report. Hope you and GADel may be able furnish Dept views re paras 3, 4 and 5 Kascom 35.
Talk with Oakes now Washington has been helpful although he obviously unable discuss case beyond time his illness forced him abandon work.
Reply urgently.
  1. The Commission, before leaving the subcontinent, adopted a resolution appealing to India and Pakistan to “use their best endeavors during the absence of the Commission to lessen the existing tension.…” For text, see SC, 3rd yr., Suppl. for Nov. 1948, p. 49.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Printed as telegram 1391 to Geneva, p. 412.
  4. Printed as telegram 4376 from London, p. 419.