840.811/8–1248: Telegram

The Ambassador in Yugoslavia (Cannon) to the Secretary of State


Deldu54. From Dustmann for Michael McDermott and Dunning. Background press briefing August 11: US abstained on final vote [Page 685] Article 1 because text is exact text CFM decision to which US party, so couldn’t vote against. Two votes: American amendment, rejected 7–3; Soviet text, approved, 7 for, French against, US and UK abstaining. US felt since Soviet draft was language of treaties, in effect over two years, the draft did not vaguely provide for freedom of navigation and required amplification. When all amendments voted on, committee will report to plenary, which presumably will adopt Soviet convention 7–3. There no difference between committee and plenary other than name. If motion for closure made after plenary adopts draft, two opposition speakers may be heard before final vote, so two of three Westerns could make statements. Molnar,1 Hungarian delegate, yesterday said US has accepted Article 22 of Soviet draft, based on fact no US amendment submitted. No such acceptance as committee only on Article 2. Molnar also said US statments about mixed companies are propaganda and they accustomed to US propaganda via Voice.2 We developing various arguments on each amendment; will wrap all in final conference statement. Still anticipate conference continue to middle next week. [Dustmann.]

  1. Erik Molnar, Foreign Minister of Hungary and head of the Hungarian delegation at the Belgrade conference.
  2. The Voice of America, the short wave radio broadcasts in the information program of the United States in native languages directed to foreign nations.