125.0093/12–1047: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Stuart)

1581. In light Embtel 2373 Dec 10 and other previous tels this subject Dept feels following procedures should govern evacuation consular offices from cities threatened by Com occupation:

Consulates should be informed Dept does not wish require officers remain posts in view possible personal danger involved and prefers decision be left individual officers who most familiar local situation and possible developments particularly, utility maintaining office. If officers recommend evacuation, all personnel should be evacuated points safety under arrangements effected by Emb and/or offices concerned. If officers recommend and Emb concurs keeping skeleton staff, all other personnel should be evacuated. Dept assumes Emb can arrange with AAG9 for necessary planes and will obtain appropriate ChiGovt clearance cooperation.

Emb should keep in mind possibilities developing situation over period several months in choosing points safety for evacuees, particularly families and female staff members, in order prevent possible necessity second evacuation same personnel later date. Emb should bring to attention Consulates concerned, for consideration in connection their decision re evacuation, increasing Com efforts arouse anti-US feeling and probability even stronger antagonism resulting from prospect additional US aid ChiGovt when Congress convenes Jan.

Accordance Sections 103.605 (g), 103.607 (j) (1) and 103.696 FonServRegs10 travel orders 8–5845, 8–5846 and 8–5847 dated Dec 29, 1947 authorize principal officer Nanking his discretion issue individual written orders to American and alien personnel, including families and effects, at posts under Emb supervision authorizing travel expenses to place or places safety in China. Each order should cite above pertinent TO number and date. Expenses chargeable respectively to allotment E–135224 regular FonServ personnel, E–417024 OIE personnel, and X–903224 Foreign Relief Program personnel. Place safety is that point or successive points to which evacuated in connection with one or more urgent emergencies. Evacuation travel orders remain in effect until an officer or employee is given new assignment; ordered return his old post; or when family directed return old post.

Report name all persons covered by these travel orders, place or [Page 634] places safety and dates travel. Copy individual TO should be attached each voucher. No per diem allowable at place safety under this authorization. However, consideration being given payment to Amer personnel per diem or allowance other funds.

Authority this telegram supersedes and should be used in lieu travel authority covering Mukden personnel granted Deptel 703 Jun 11 1947.11 Telegraph names and approximate amount expenses incurred under authority Deptel 703.

Emb’s inquiry re provisions covering injury death personnel being answered separate telegram.

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