867N.01/1–1547: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom


251. For Gallman from Henderson. Shertok talked to Mr. Acheson Jan 14 [15] stressing critical period had arrived in settlement Palestine problem and requesting intercession by US Govt with Brit Govt to reach solution favorable to Jews and to effect immediate transfer 100,000 Jews to Palestine.

Under Secretary agreed period was critical but stated that he was convinced, following discussion with Secretary Byrnes concerning latter’s conversation with Bevin and Rabbi Silver, Brit were sincere in reaching solution at this time and that accordingly it would serve no useful purpose for US Govt approach Brit at this time.1

Mr. Acheson subsequently discussed his interview with Shertok with Brit Amb who confirmed his statement reference critical period and sincerity of Brit. [Henderson.]

  1. Mr. Shertok had further discussions with Mr. Henderson on January 16, at which time the former was reported as having stated: “twelve new Jewish settlements had already been established in the northern section, known as the ‘Beersheba sub-area’, of the Negev, that this northern section was the most important part of the Negev in so far as future economic possibilities were concerned and that it was vital that this section be included in any proposed Jewish state in order that such state be viable.” (memorandum by Fraser Wilkins 501 BB Palestine/1–1647)