868.00/5–2347: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Turkey

us urgent

286. You are instructed to present following note to Turk Govt.

“The Govt of the US refers to past discussions between the Govts of the US and Turkey regarding the latter’s need for various kinds of [Page 177] assistance. This Govt is pleased to inform the Govt of Turkey that the President has been authorized to extend such assistance by an Act of Congress signed May 22, 1947.

The Govt of the US is now prepared to enter into discussions regarding the type of assistance which is best suited to Turkish needs and the American Ambassador in Ankara is being instructed accordingly.

This Govt will welcome an assurance that the Turkish Govt is prepared to enter into negotiations leading to a mutually acceptable agreement between the two Govts on the terms under which American aid will be extended.”1

In your discretion you may inform Turk Govt Dept does not intend to publish note at this time. Release of exchange of notes is contemplated when reply reed from Turk Govt.

  1. Ambassador Wilson presented this note to Foreign Minister Saka on May 26. Mr. Saka, in a note of May 27, replied that the Turkish Government was prepared to enter into such negotiations (telegrams 387, May 26, 6 p. m., and 391, May 27, 6 p. m., 867.00/5–2647, 5–2747).