871.00/3–1247: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Representative in Rumania (Berry)


181. While we realize censorship Rumania makes transmission communications to Secretary General United Nations by ordinary postal channels difficult, we not disposed on that ground to assume role transmitting agency for communications mentioned urtels 210 Mar 111 and 215 Mar 12.2 At same time, we do not desire in declining Maniu’s and Petrescu’s request to imply approval conditions in Rumania of which they complain nor disagreement justice such complaints. Accordingly, [Page 480] in expressing regret this Govt not consider advisable comply their requests please make clear to Maniu, Bratianu and Petrescu that position taken US in this matter predicated on considerations other than merits complaints in regard to which US attitude concerning suppression popular liberties in Rumania and persecution democratic opposition has already been repeatedly set forth.

For your info, we understand Sec Gen customarily circulates to UN members communications received from Govts but takes no action on communications from others unless a UN body is already seized of matter concerned, beyond indicating to Members that such a communication has been received.

  1. Not printed; it reported the receipt of a memorandum setting forth the official attitude of the Rumanian Independent Social Democratic Party with respect to the Peace Treaty with Rumania. The Party asked that the Department of State forward the memorandum to the United Nations Secretariat (871.00/3–1147).
  2. Not printed; it reported that the mission in Rumania had been asked by the three opposition political parties (National Peasant Party, National Liberal Party, and Independent Social Democratic Party) to transmit documentation prepared by them to the Secretary General of the United Nations showing the suppression of civil liberties and the persecution of their parties (871.00/3–1247).