501.BC/9–2447: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the United States Representative at the United Nations (Austin)

us urgent

416. Personal for: Ambassador Austin from Armour.1 Reports from the Delegation suggest increasing support among the Latin American Delegations for the candidacy of Argentina for a seat on the Security Council. If this trend continues it seems likely that the conditions established in our 412 Sept. 19 will shortly have been fulfilled and that you will be free to inform the Argentine Delegate2 of our intention to support his Government for election.3

We are seriously concerned and are exerting every endeavor to persuade the Argentine Government to join the International Emergency Food Council. You are of course fully conversant with the important position Argentina occupies as a supplier of cereals and other food stuffs to a famine ridden Europe.

It seems to us therefore appropriate, particularly in light of Dr. Arce’s personal respect for you, that when you approach him giving assurances of our support in the Security Council election you should bring the conversation around to Argentina’s key position as a supplier of food and our confidence that a Government now on the point of election to great international responsibility in the UN should be equally ready to assume other important responsibilities in the IEFC. It should be apparent also to Dr. Arce that should Argentina join this [Page 139] latter organization, European Members of the United Nations would be predisposed by such action to vote for Argentina for the Security Council. [Armour.]

Repeated to Buenos Aires for information only.

  1. Norman Armour, Assistant Secretary of State for Political Affairs.
  2. Dr. José Arce.
  3. Telegram 412 not printed. The Department had instructed the Delegation that “you should tell the Latin American group that USDel will give most serious and sympathetic consideration to the candidate of their choice.” (501.BC/9–1847)