Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270: Telegram

General Marshall to the Commander of the Seventh Fleet (Cooke)52

1420. I have just read Rockey’s message to you 280426Z53 and your 290637Z54 relative to relief of Marine detachments. Please instruct Rockey to inform National Commander that he cannot accept the long delay mentioned. Have Rockey prescribe a series of reasonable dates for successive reliefs which must be met, otherwise he will relieve Marine detachments without awaiting relief. This will then be a “Declaration of Intentions”.55

  1. Copy sent in memorandum OSE 413, August 30, by Col. J. Hart Caughey to the Naval Attaché (Kenny) for transmittal to Admiral Cooke.
  2. Telegram of August 29; it stated: “In conference 27 August General Sun, Commanding 11th War Zone CNA, agreed in principle with proposed relief of Marines on railroads and concentration as indicated your 230318” and “General Sun stated that offensive operations by CNA forces in area have been ordered on time schedule until about 21 September during which period no CNA troops will be available to relieve Marines.”
  3. Telegram of August 29, not printed.
  4. Telegram of August 31 from General Rockey to Admiral Cooke stated: “In my negotiations with General Sun, 11th War Zone, and General Mou, 94th CNA, I agreed that a schedule of reliefs for Marine mine and bridge guards beginning 23 September would be satisfactory.”