The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

1666. Following, from Yenan broadcast of October 7, are answers made by Mao Tse Tung, chairman of Chinese Communist Party, to questions of Mr. A. T. Steele, New York Herald Tribune correspondent, in interview on September 29.

“Question. Do you consider that American mediation in China civil conflict has failed? What will be the result of American policy in China if it continues in its present form?

Answer. I doubt very much that the policy of the American Government can be called mediation. Judging from the fact that the huge aid to Chiang Kai-shek by the United States has enabled him to launch civil war on an unprecedentedly large scale, the policy of the American Government is to strengthen Chiang from all sides under the cover of so-called ‘mediation’ and suppress the Chinese democratic force and make China her colony through China’s policy of slaughter. The continuation of such a policy will inevitably arouse all Chinese patriots of the entire nation to resolute resistance.

Question. What will be the result of the civil war in China? How long will it last?

Answer. If the American Government gives up its present policy of one-sided aid to Chiang and carries out the agreement of the Three Power Conference in Moscow,62 the civil war in China will certainly come to an early end, otherwise it will possibly become a prolonged [Page 370] war. As a result, it is certain that the Chinese people will suffer, but on the other hand, they will surely unite together to defend their own existence and settle their own fate. However difficult it may be, the task of the Chinese people for independence, peace and democracy will surely be realized. It is impossible for any domestic and foreign oppressive force to check the realization of such a task.

Question. Do you consider Chiang Kai-shek the logical leader of the Chinese people? Would the Communists, under any conditions, not accept the five point demands of Chiang Kai-shek? If the Kuomintang attempts to hold a national assembly without Communist participation, what will the Communist do?

Answer. There has never been the so-called ‘logical leader’ in the world. If Chiang Kai-shek can solve the Chinese political, military, economic and other problems according to the cease fire agreement of January this year and the resolutions jointly passed in the Political Consultative Conference and not according to the so-called ‘five point’ or ten point unilateral demands violating the above-mentioned agreements, we are still willing to work together with him. The National Assembly should only be jointly called by all parties and groups according to the Political Consultative Conference decisions, otherwise we will adopt an attitude of firm opposition”.

  1. For correspondence concerning the Conference of Foreign Ministers at Moscow in December 1945, see Foreign Relations, 1945, vol. ii, pp. 560 ff.