The President of the Chinese Executive Yuan (Soong) to the Secretary of State 41

No. 523

Dear Mr. Secretary: Now that the Chinese-American Mission on Agricultural Collaboration has completed its work, I wish to express to you my appreciation of the excellent work of the American section of the Mission.

Immediately after their arrival in June, arrangements were made for the American members to meet with government officials, agricultural specialists, business leaders and others well informed and interested in agriculture and foreign commerce. I conferred with Dean Hutchison in Shanghai and the whole Mission in Nanking and so had the opportunity to participate in mapping out their program and their survey trip.

The eleven members of the Mission visited fourteen provinces and Formosa, covering a total distance of 8,000 miles in eleven weeks. The Mission then returned to Nanking for a period of six weeks to write its report.

Before his departure, Dean Hutchison and several other members of the Mission discussed with me their findings and recommendations. I am confident we will find constructive guidance in the Commission’s comprehensive report as we work along on agricultural development for seventy-five percent of our people. Beyond that I hope parts of the report may form the basis of future cooperation between our governments and so further strengthen the traditional friendship between our countries.

On behalf of my government and the Chinese people, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to the U. S. Government for sending Dr. Hutchison and associates to us at this time.

Assuring you [etc.]

T. V. Soong
  1. Copy transmitted to the Secretary of State by the Chinese Ambassador (Koo) in his covering letter of January 7, 1947.